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3 Ways To Enhance St. Lucia Wedding Ceremonies

The island of St. Lucia offers a lot of beautiful locations for wedding ceremonies. For many couples, the use of St. Lucia for a wedding also doubles up as a honeymoon location. When you seek out St. Lucia wedding party rentals, you can choose from a wide range of options to enhance your wedding.

Along with the location, check out some of the add-on options to help your special day fit your needs and provide you with personalized options for your wedding.

1. Private Villa Rentals

When you stay in St. Lucia, you can rent a private villa and incorporate the private area into part of your wedding. The private villa can include areas where you host wedding dinners, rehearsal dinners, and wedding ceremony festivities. Some private villa rentals may include direct access to the beach. You could hold a ceremony on the beach and then return to the villa for the reception portion of the wedding.

2. St. Lucia Flowers

Flowers often become an important part of wedding ceremonies. You can choose flower designs for the wedding decor and for the bouquet a bride holds during the ceremony. In St. Lucia, you can find a lot of native flowers to add some tropical vibes to the area. The island has many common flowers to choose from as well, including the Marguerite daisy and rose.

Not only can you select from native flowers, but you can make the colors a natural part of the wedding ceremony. Mix the color designs in and let a wedding planner help showcase those colors through the decor on display at the wedding.

3. Music Options

When you plan a wedding in St. Lucia, you can enhance the ceremony and reception with a wide range of music options. If you want sounds native to the island, then consider a musician that plays an instrument like a steel pan player. You could also hire a full band.

If you want a curated music playlist with your favorite songs, then consider hiring a DJ. A DJ can set up at St. Lucia villa rentals and provide music for hours as you party and celebrate your wedding. The music options can really enhance your experience and add a special touch to the whole day.

When you have a St. Lucia wedding, consider a private villa rental and see all the amenities that come with the rental. Follow the paperwork guidelines to make the wedding process go as smoothly as possible.

Contact a local St. Lucia villa rental to learn more.