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How To Have An Even More Amazing Time On Your Rented Tiki Boat

If you're vacationing in a tropical location with beaches, then there will likely be tiki boat rental companies in the area. Renting one of these boats with your friends could be a fun way to enjoy an evening. You can glide along the water, all the while sipping cocktails or your favorite beer. But what if you want to have an even more amazing time on the tiki boat? Then, you may wish to follow these tips.

Bring Snacks

Some tiki boats provide snacks, but this is not typical. Usually, the boat will just be rented out with a bar and a bartender to prepare drinks for you. If you want to have an even better time, bring some snacks with you. This way, you're not as likely to over-indulge in the alcohol, and you'll be able to satisfy your urge to munch and crunch, too. Good snacks to bring include chips, crackers, and pretzels. These snacks all come in a bag that you can easily pass from person to person—hopefully without spilling as the boat rocks!

Make Plans for a Driver to Pick You Up

You'll probably be tipsy after your time on the tiki boat. It would not be safe or legal for you to drive in this state. Sometimes, people have one member of their group avoid drinking so that person can drive everyone back to the hotel after the tiki boat rental. But then, that one person has to hold back and may not be able to have as good of a time. So, if possible, you should make plans to have a driver pick you all up after your tiki boat ride. This way, everyone can indulge with abandon, and nobody will risk driving drunk.

Dress in Layers

It can be hard to predict how warm or cold you will be on the tiki boat. Often, the daytime temperatures are hot in tropical areas, but the temperature can fall once the sun goes down. There may be a cool sea breeze, but at the same time, you might get warm if you are drinking. The best solution, therefore, is to dress in layers. You can take a layer off if you're warm and put it back on if you get cold.

Renting a tiki boat can be a lovely thing to do when you're on vacation with friends. With the tips above, you can truly have the time of your life.

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