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How To Get Your Company To Pay For Your Airport Taxi

As a general rule, companies should pay for all of your business travel expenses, including your airport taxi. However, companies have different policies and procedures that employees should follow when it comes to identifying which expenses are chargeable to the company. To be sure, you should ask your immediate supervisor if the company has special requirements when paying for airport taxi, car rental, and other transportation costs. Here's how to get your company to pay for your airport taxi:


If your employer frequently sends out employees for business trips, chances are, they may have an account to a particular airport taxi company. Some companies pay for transportation directly. If you are certain that your company has the policy of paying directly for airport transportation, book for an airport taxi to be charged to your employer. Some other companies also pay airport taxi fare along with the airplane ticket prices, so you need to book these two services to be paid directly by your employer for the business trip.

Per Diem

Another way for your company to pay for your airport taxi is to include it in your per diem allowance. A per diem is a daily allowance of a certain amount of money given by an employer to cover all travel expenses during a business trip. In turn, the employee is accountable for allocating the allowance properly to cover all the necessary costs daily. If you can budget your per diem well throughout the day, you can include the fees for your airport transportation.


You can also let the company pay for your airport taxi through reimbursements. In this setup, you pay for your travel expenses upfront. You will gather receipts and other justifiable proofs for each of your expense. You can ask an official receipt from the airport taxi or a blank receipt to be signed by the cab driver. In rare instances wherein your company asks you to pay for the plane ticket for reimbursement later, you can include airport taxi in the booking as well. Either way, you have to make sure that you file your reimbursement claims immediately or within the deadlines set by your company.

Whether your company pays directly to your airport taxi or you pay upfront as reimbursement or per diem, you should be able to save money from your airport taxi during official business trips. Make sure that you follow the company's guidelines about the accepted expenses paid directly by the company or through reimbursements. Check out sites like to learn more about what kinds of fees you can expect.