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Got A Huge Family And Want To Go To Disney World? Cheaper Options Than Flying

When you plan a giant family vacation, it is not so much the cost of hotels and tickets as it is transportation. Transportation expenses are the biggest expense of all when you need to get ten or more people to the same location. Do not even get started on talking about flight tickets! The only form of travel more expensive than flight these days is a train ride, unless you only live two states over from your destination. If you want to get your entire extended family to a popular vacation spot like Disney World, here is how you can do it for much less than train or plane tickets.

Charter Bus

Charter buses take your entire family to your destination in comfort. They are air-conditioned, provide excellent leg room and room to recline, and all of your luggage remains intact because it is stored in the cargo holds below the bus. The best part is, a charter bus can make frequent stops to grab meals, snacks, and supplies you left at home along the way.

You do not pay extra for stops, nor do you have to go through security checks. You also do not have to pack travel-size anything because there are no restrictions for what you can take and pack in your luggage when you are on a charter bus. Everyone splits the cost to rent the bus, which is always cheaper than airfare for a family of eight, ten, or twelve people.


The other option is to use whatever mobile campers and RVs your family owns to caravan down to the destination. If anyone in your family does not own one, you can rent one for the duration of the trip. The fun part about doing things this way is that you can all agree to stop and see other sites along the route to the final destination. You do not have to concern yourself with hotel fares, and most mass-merchandise stores offer overnight parking for RVs so long as you make some purchases for supplies. All you have to worry about is gas and possibly rental fees for an RV.

Family Bus

Think of it; you see a school bus for sale on the side of the road. Brilliant idea, right? Buy the bus, fix it up a little, and it becomes the family tour bus for all vacations now and in the future. If your vacation budget allows it, this could really work out. Otherwise, a charter bus is still a good idea.

Check with a company like Werner Coach for more information.