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3 Qualities Private Transportation Companies Offer That Ride Share Programs Might Not

These days, you can simply pull out your smartphone, open an app and schedule a ride share for wherever it is you need to go. Seems simple enough; however, this isn't always the case. In terms of professionalism, safety and efficiency, ride share programs are no comparison to private transportation services.


Whether you need transportation to the airport, to work or someplace else, professionalism is important. You want a driver that is knowledgeable, a vehicle that is clean and a driver that will put your needs first. Unfortunately, when you utilize a ride share program, this professionalism isn't always guaranteed. For the most part, ride share drivers are not professionals.

They are instead people who are looking to make a little extra money on the side. So, in short, they are vehicle owners that have decided to open their vehicle up to others. Drivers from transportation companies are professionals. These are individuals who not only hold professional driver's licenses, but that also have years of experience.


Another area that might be lacking with ride share driver programs is an increased level of safety. First, in many states, ride share drivers are only held to the background standards of the company. However, since private transportation companies employ drivers who hold professional, state licenses, they are required to meet minimum state background check requirements.

In many instances, the state qualifications are higher than those of the ride share companies. Additionally, the vehicles operated by the professional drivers often must adhere to stricter safety requirements than those of ride share drivers. Combined, these factors can offer a safer experience.


Finally, you can often expect a greater level of efficiency when you rely on the services of a professional transportation company. When considering this factor, focus on the word professional. Professional drivers don't just drive around the city, but they also learn alternate routes and traffic patterns that can help them transport their passengers both safely and on time. Basically, more efficiently.

With a ride share driver, this is not a given. Not only are you somewhat traveling on their time, but you're often dealing with a driver that has the same level of knowledge about the area as you, which is often no comparison to the experience of a professional.

Although they might seem convenient, ride share programs are no comparison to the services of private transportation companies, like St. Lucia's Best, that can offer a greater level of professionalism, safety and efficiency.