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5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Beach Hotel

If you are planning a vacation to the beach this summer, then you will probably want to find a hotel that gives you spectacular ocean views and a short trip down to the beach. But what else should you do to maximize your pleasure and get the most out of your hotel and vacation? You can follow these five simple pieces of advice for an excellent beach holiday. 

Opt for a Room on a Higher Floor 

If you opt for an oceanfront room or a beach view room, you should opt for a room on a higher floor rather than the first or second floor. Rooms on the first or second floor may have windows facing the beach, but you will be less likely to have an uninterrupted view of the sand and sea. Alternatively, a room on the third floor or higher will usually be above any shrubbery or trees and allow you to see further out, increasing your view. Additionally, opt for a hotel that offers balconies on these higher levels, if possible. This way, you can get a clear view with no glass between you and the beach. 

Use the Provided Beach Towels 

Most beach hotels provide beach towels that you can use at the hotel pool or the hotel beach. While you may want your own colorful towels, using the beach towels is a more hygienic, convenient option. You should keep in mind that you can turn in the beach towels and get fresh ones as often as you need, even multiple times a day. However, make sure you return the towels, as they may be registered to your room when you check them out. 

Ask About Extras 

Most beach hotels offer extra services and items. For example, if you are traveling with children, the hotel may have sand toys you can check out for free or rent for a small fee. Additionally, sunscreen may be available in housekeeping in many beach hotels. You should ask about these types of extras in advance so you can plan your packing according to what will be available. However, if you end up forgetting something, ask again once you are at the hotel. Many resort hotels can be very accommodating to the requests of guests. 

Opt for a Hotel With a Beach Concierge 

Most resorts have some form of a concierge service to help plan your vacation and make your stay more comfortable. Some luxury beach hotels offer a beach concierge. The beach concierge can either be found outdoors, on the hotel beach, or inside at the concierge desk. They can make reservations for you, show you to available lounge chairs, and help anticipate your needs for the day. For example, if the hotel does not have sunscreen available, a beach concierge will probably be able to secure a bottle for you within a short period of time. This can be a good resource to have if you really want to relax during your beach vacation. 

Follow Basic Rules for Vacation Satisfaction

The enjoyment of your beach vacation, similar to any type of vacation, can be maximized by following a few basic rules. For example, pick your hotel early and then spend time planning what to do around your hotel. Additionally, call your hotel ahead of time to ask for local things to try so you can have new experiences while on vacation. Finally, make sure your vacation is as inclusive as possible so you do not end up doing your daily routines, such as cooking and cleaning, while you are on vacation. 

Having a great beach vacation starts with a good hotel and excellent service. After that, it is all about making and sharing memories.