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4 Tips To Improve Your Taxi Service

Many taxi companies stand out among the other cars on the road, due to their uniquely colored vehicles. Unfortunately, standing out among other taxi companies takes more work. You need a combination of internet marketing and extra services to make potential clients choose you over other options. With extra effort, you can improve your company to entice the next client who is looking for a taxi.

Invest In Local SEO

One of the most profitable investments you can make in your company is to invest in local search engine optimization (SEO). When prospective clients, whether residents or visitors, are looking for a taxi, they are going to search based on locality. To capitalize on searches, you need to make sure you have an online presence and your website is optimized for local searches.

When focusing on local searches, use major search engines to find taxi listings in your area and see how your company appears in the listing. If your company appears in the search engine results, check the listing to determine if all relevant information is available. This should include a working phone number, address, business hours, and your website link. To aid in your local SEO, include your service areas on your website. Mention specific cities, airports, and any other locations that are popular within your service area.

To enhance your SEO, your website must be optimized for mobile devices. A simple, one-page layout where viewers can scroll down to find relevant information is ideal. Unlike other types of businesses, you do not need relevant content. Your viewers are likely in a rush and need you to present the important details in a concise manner.

Have A Range Of Vehicles

Nothing is more disappointing to prospective clients than to have many groceries or a large object that does not fit in the taxi. Your fleet of vehicles should include larger vehicles that are capable of transporting several adults comfortably and ones that can hold larger objects inside the trunk. When a client calls for a taxi, ask them if they have any special vehicle requirements so you can gain a better idea of their needs before the taxi arrives. This will save frustration for everyone involved and can reduce the likelihood of your client calling another taxi service. Ideally, you should have at least two SUVs on standby with folding rear seats. Larger furniture items, such as a table or chairs, can fit comfortably when the seats are folded and the same vehicle can often fit five or more adults when the back seats are in use.

Consider Airport Service

If your business is located within an area that receives many calls to and from the airport, you may want to make airport service a selling point for your company. One option is to offer clients a flat rate when they request an airport trip and some type of guarantee that a driver will arrive on time. Another option is an airport shuttle service that runs at specific times of the day. By offering a reliable shuttle, there will be fewer concerns for clients who need to find a place to leave their car. Your shuttle may include door-to-door service or stop at popular parking garages.

Design An App

Creating an app is a good choice to increase your visibility and appeal to clients with mobile devices. Your app should offer similar features as your website, such as the ability to obtain a quote and essential information about your business. Some added features that could be beneficial to potential clients are the option to prearrange trips, call your business with the push of a single button, and to pay through the app. Offering alternative payment methods, such as mobile and credit card readers, is beneficial for both clients and drivers. Your drivers may feel more secure by handling less cash and may be less of a target if your taxi company is well-known for keeping little or no cash in the vehicle.

In some localities, there are many taxi services vying for the business of clients. Making your business more visible online and offering additional services can help you win over clients.